Asset Management

Real estate as an investment asset. Individuals, private companies, corporations and public institutions sometimes buy real estate as an investment. Real estate can be bought, improved and resold for profit. These goods can also be resold split or rented.

Investing in real estate presents challenges that do not exist in financial markets. The property is exposed to the risks of damage, it tends to deteriorate over time and often takes a much more complex process of buying and selling.

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The mission of the real estate asset manager is to reduce the risks and improve the value of a property in order to optimize the investment. The real estate asset manager focuses on optimizing the value of the property for investment purposes. The purpose of asset management with real estate investment, is to cultivate the market value so that the property can increase its returns.

This management also addresses the complex legal and tax aspects of real estate investment in the United States. The asset manager, thanks to the relationships etablished locally, aims to maximize the value of the investment by analyzing the potential for buying and reselling, studying the market when buying the property but putting in place marketing tools and thus have a global vision of the real estate asset and its potential to increase the value of the property for resale. The function of the asset manager is to obtain value added on an investment by surrounding himself with specialists in all the trades (Architects, Construction managers, Designers) in order to optimize the expenses during the different stages of the work process to value the property. In addition to approving budgets and managing expenditures, the asset manager increases the rental and market value of assets by reducing costs.

Our teams know and master the real estate market in Florida, of the different types of goods targeted: Multifamily, Single Family, Land or businesses. They will be able to adapt their decisions to best preserve your interests. Our business, technical, financial and legal teams are here to support you. We are partnering with experienced investors from all walks of life, with diverse experiences, and many have spent years building this trust with us. We will be your partner in the purchase, renovation, construction and resale process, in order to achieve and consolidate the expected return on investment at closing. Because, like you, we are your partners and we, as well as you, take every precaution to ensure that our success is the driving force behind a longlasting and balanced partnership.

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What is an asset manager ?

- Market research
- Investment strategy consulting
- Valuation of assets
- Process of realization

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