Construction often involves the collaboration of many professionals from various Building Trades and Crafts.

Projects are generally conceived and carried out by a prime contractor, an architect, and an engineering office, on behalf of the client, who is the contracting authority. For large or complex projects, several entities can share the tasks of  contracting authority and project management.

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The construction itself is generally carried out by one or more entities. This entity, generally referred to as the general contractor, may also use subcontractors.

The various construction workers are identified in the so-called technical trades: core and shell, roofing, plumbing, electricity, AC, painting (for building), road equipment, lighting, water networks (drinking water, drainage, rain water), “dry” networks (electricity, gas, telephone, fiber optics).

The general contractor is usually carrying out the structural work, and then subcontracts to various technical specialists the other tasks.

A construction project requires, in addition to technical skills, a major planning effort in order to meet deadlines and the financial envelope set with the client, to manage all the entities involved in the project and to guarantee on-time deliveries.

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The project manager, who is often involved in the design of the structure, must control that the general contractor respects all the requirements of the project.

The contracting authority must also check that the work complies with the regulations, particularly with regard to working conditions, the environment and the disturbance of local residents.

In this type of project, we are investing in high-risk, longer-term but also high-yield investments.

We must control the environment, the cost of works, the timing, but also the unknown market risk at the time of resale (T+2 years). Our ability to minimize the resale price will allow us to only have good surprises.


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