Today, we want to inform you about the new orientations that Priveast takes in order to better adapt to the trend and the opportunities offered by the real estate investment market in Florida.

Since its creation, PRIVEAST has focused on three different types of investments: Multifamily, Construction and Renovation.


After focusing on remodeling, which is a short-term investment, we are now focusing our research on “Multifamily”, a medium-term investment. Properties of this type are in high demand and have a very good occupancy rate. 
For this type of investment, different factors must be considered. First, the location that will determine the value of the property but also its occupancy rate.
It is indeed easier to find tenants in an environment on the one hand well served by roads but also close to amenities such as supermarkets, schools etc …


We must also be vigilant on the actual return on investment, taking into account all factors related to the condition of the building, the quality of services offered to tenants, etc to avoid surprises. Following all necessary inspections, the condition of the building is validated in order to be able to estimate at best the costs of the work to be undertaken if necessary.



We focus our research more particularly on Fort LAUDERDALE, “The Venice of the Americas”, because as we mentioned in our previous blog, from now on Miami is only 30 minutes away from FORT LAUDERDALE thanks to the BRIGHTLINE rail link.

It is therefore easier today to stay (cheaper!) in FORT LAUDERDALE and work in Miami: rents are indeed lower than those in Miami. In addition, the majority of the city’s population consists of young executives with high purchasing power and consequently stable tenants.




It is certain that Fort LAUDERDALE will see the demand for housing increase.

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