Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no legal restriction for a foreigner to invest in real estate in the US. You have the same benefits as an American investor.


You may invest in your own name or form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) that will protect the rest of your assets in case of litigation. Corporate taxation in the US is protective and very advantageous, it facilitates problems related to the right of succession among others. Partners are anonymous and the sale of shares is managed internally.


We select our properties according to three main criteria :
1- Location : the property must be located in an area of high rental demand
2- Price : If possible we acquire properties on Short sale or Foreclosure (taken over by the banks), at prices often below market value
3- Rentability : The rental price must be able to generate net rental ratios ranging from 5 to 10%


In the case of a cash payment for a conventional sale, the fees, disbursements and fees related to the signing are approximately $ 1,000. This includes attorney's fees, registration fees, and miscellaneous expenses such as sending letters and the like. Allow about 0.60% of the purchase price for title insurance (mandatory), to protect yourself against the debts of the previous owner. There is no notary fees in the United States or agency fees to be expected.


The Title company in the USA is the equivalent of the Notary in France. It takes care of all the investigations related to the property title. The property title is registered in public records. The ``closing`` corresponds to all the administrative procedures until the definitive signature of the act. The procedures are strictly defined and simplified compared to the European system.


There is one global tax on a property called “property tax”. It is calculated on the property value and also includes residential, city and school taxes. It represents approximately 1.8% of the appraised value of the subject property. It is paid on an annual basis to the County Tax Collector (Miami-Dade county, Broward county, Palm Beach county, etc). The local County Appraiser is assessing the tax amount each year upwards or downwards depending on the market value.


A minimum investment of USD 300,000 will allow you to get substantial gains, in a structure with no more than 3 partners and to diversify your assets in an easier way.


Our performance-based investment approach allows you to choose from one of the top three goals based on your personal preferences. Based on the goal you choose, we then build a custom portfolio designed to produce the best results for you over time. If you are not sure which goal is right for you, just fill out a simple questionnaire in which you will provide us with more information about yourself and we’ll help you choose.


The management fees of 3% / year of your portfolio are fixed and based on performance, a guarantee of our commitment and strong partnership.
Your interest is ours.


As a partner, you will be heard for the duration of our common investment. Your intervention has no limit, from bringing us new deals to referrals or raising more capital.
Referring a fellow investor or contributing to the direct sale of a property will be rewarded with similar commissions as that of one of our staff.