Real Estate Investment in The USA : According to Priveast

Real Estate Investment in The USA : According to Priveast

The Real Estate Market in the USA:

Is it worth investing in real estate in the US? Many people are asking the question and this is legitimate given the fact that for many, this market is on the one hand remote but above all unknown.



In 2007, the United States experienced a severe economic crisis (the “subprime crisis” which led to an unprecedented fall in real estate prices). Since 2015, prices have stabilized, the country’s growth has reached 2.5% and the unemployment rate curve has reversed with a current rate of 4.9%, which has restored confidence in American households, fostering a reassuring economic climate.






In such a context, and although real estate prices are still rising, the high purchasing power and this renewed confidence of the Americans allow them again to serenely consider access to property.







Nevertheless, it is still possible to find comfortable opportunities as foreclosures still exist, and resales of housing are on the rise. This reflection is brought to us after reading an article in the “Realtor Mag” of 22 September 2017.




    Real Estate investments are growing up. It sounds good if you are an investor.






Although mortgage rates are going up, like Freddie Mac Chief Economist Sean Becketti says “The Economic environment remains favorable” with home sales expected to increase about 2 percent from 2017 to 2018. Freddie Mac also forecasts a 4.9% increase in home prices in 2018 (vs 6.3% in 2017).

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