Remodeling & Rehabilitation

Remodeling and Rehabilitation are two different processes

Rehabilitation consists of renovating without destroying, unlike renovation. Rehabilitation is keeping the building but changing its use. It usually respects the architectural character of the buildings as well as that of the neighborhood. Sometimes it is just a “trompe l’oeil” effect, a window dressing effect: the exterior façade respects the appearance of a building that is completely restructured, reallocated, unlike restoration involving a return to the original state.

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Often costly, rehabilitation operations require skilled professionals, who are able to meet all the safett, sanitary and other standards.

Remodeling is different. Here, it is a matter of demolishing before rebuilding. Remodeling is a heavy operation that requires significant interventions. However, instead of heavy “bulldozer” remodeling, it is also sometimes possible to proceed with more gentle interventions, with a higher focus on the respect of the past. Remodeling operations now tend to look like reconversion.

It is a medium-risk investment. One must take into account the environment, as well as the ability of our Architects and Contractors to meet the requirement on the costs and the timing.

It is also a longer process, as a remodeling or a rehabilitation always requires several permits and inspections. The time factor must, therefore, be taken into account, as no income will be generated during the process.

Complete remodeling of houses and buildings.

Our partner for all the construction works manages its own team of workers in work category: plumbing, electricity, painting, carpentry, masonry etc.

Installation of a lightning fixure, light spots, electrical plugs? Installing a shower, a bath tub, a dishwasher, or a sink? Demolishing a bearing wall? Renovating of a facade?

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We master all these tasks.

Finally, we can also renovate your entire heating system, whether you want electric radiators, a condensing or a sealed boiler.


Complete change of your interior design ?

Our interior designers can carry out the partial or full renovation of the property.

For the floors, you can choose to install tile flooring, hardwood flooring (glued, floating or on joists), carpet or even plastic flooring.
Our teams of skilled workers are trained for all types of material. We can, thus, adapt us to your tastes and proceed with the works in all the rooms of your house

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For your walls, we can hang wallpaper, or simply paint, put porcelain tiles in your bathroom or a sideboard in your kitchen.

For a better insulation, we can realize double-stud walls, the laying of glass wool or mineral wool boards, etc ….

A better insulation also means changing doors and windows. We can provide and install double or triple glazed windows.
Respecting your desires and budget, we will always provide the best solutions to improve energy efficiency and, thus, generate more savings.

PRIVEAST is your key partner for the renovation of any real estate assets.

Our contractors manage their own team in each trades and crafts: plumbing, electricity, painting, carpentry, masonry etc...

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