As everyone knows, Miami is also more commonly known as “THE DOOR OF THE AMERICAS”. It seems important today to know if this world-famous city is well named, but also to take stock of its evolution and its new face.

Tourism plays a vital role in Miami’s economic growth, welcoming about 14 million tourists a year and growing every year by 7%.


ITS PORT: Logistics and commercial hub, at the center of many sea routes, it is also the largest cruise port in the world. Every year more than 4 million cruise passengers depart from Miami. This port is also dedicated to freight, facilitated by rail access and a road tunnel. Miami is a global logistics center..


ITS AIRPORT: It is ideally located within a 20 minute drive from the city center, facilitating its access. Miami Airport is ranked 1st in the United States for Freight and 3rd for passenger traffic. But accessibility to the city from the airport also places this city at the forefront of US business centers and the world’s tenth largest.
Miami is also an outward-looking city and a hub of the economy, thanks in part to an international immigration that invests heavily in the establishment of research and agriculture industries. The influx of foreign capital makes Miami the second largest financial center in the US after New York.



Miami 2020 IS IN PROGRESS:
Foreign investors are behind this project that will mobilize more than 10 billion dollars of investment, with the aim to transform Miami’s Skyline and allow the city to be more modern and even more attractive.
But the waterfront is not the only place in Miami affected by these changes, its different neighborhoods and its extensive agglomeration are also changing.
In addition, Miami unlike other US cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, still has many lands available for construction and the price per square foot is much lower than in the cities mentioned above.


The renewed investor confidence thanks to the dynamism and emulation of all these projects, makes Miami a city where it is still possible to invest in real estate and obtain a return on investment more than interesting.

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